Bånd plan for 3Y0Z Bouvet

3YØZ Band Plan

Hentet fra deres hjemmesider


*  These are our FT8 TRANSMIT frequencies.  We will operate in the normal split fashion common on FT8.  We will transmit low in the passband (200 – 400 Hz) and listen up.  DO NOT TRANSMIT ON OUR TRANSMIT FREQUENCY; we will not listen there.  Set your transmit frequency higher in the passband.  Be certain your TX and RX frequencies are not locked together  Click <HERE>  to view ZL2IFB’s Tips for FT8 DXers.

**  We will follow Norway’s 60 meter frequency allocation plan.  Our transmit frequency will be 5.400 MHz for CW and SSB , operating true SPLIT.  Our FT8 transmit frequency will be 5.357 MHz.

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